Creating Interactive KOT Infrastructure at Taj Sats Air Catering

Client: Taj Sats Air Catering Requirement: Taj Sats Air Catering entrusted Fastech with the task of revolutionizing their central kitchens in Mumbai and Delhi by implementing an efficient KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) system with audio-visual integration. These central kitchens are instrumental in preparing and dispatching food for various airline clients. The challenge they faced was establishing seamless communication between the headquarters, head chef, and kitchen staff to monitor the live status of order preparation. Location: Mumbai & Delhi


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Solution, Process & Results

Solution: Fastech devised an innovative solution, encompassing the installation of approximately 40 touch displays across different sections of these kitchens. These displays operated on the principles of digital signage and KOT. The client provided a website-based KOT page, which could be centrally managed and accessed by head chefs for food preparation instructions and order pipeline monitoring.

Fastech tackled the challenge by integrating this software with hardware to enable real-time updates from the kitchen staff to the headquarters and head chef. The solution involved the use of Viewsonic’s touch monitor TD2423, supported by an Android media player that facilitated access to the website-based Central KOT software. These monitors were mounted on movable brackets for easy access, with an additional screen guard to protect them from long-term wear and tear.

Process: The process began with understanding the client's requirements and conducting multiple Proof of Concepts (POCs) to ensure client and user satisfaction. After finalizing the concept, the implementation phase commenced. Expert technicians, in collaboration with the client, conducted a thorough site survey to determine the optimal placement of the panels, taking into account accessibility for kitchen staff and protection against the humidity generated by cooking activities. Following the survey, the implementation phase was initiated, accompanied by training for the headquarters staff on the usage of the newly installed system.

Results: The implemented solution significantly reduced the need for phone calls and verbal interactions among team members. It streamlined the process of food preparation and order dispatch. With real-time insights into order preparation status, the kitchen's management staff maximized kitchen and staff utilization, resulting in increased output.

Key Takeaways

* Effective integration of digital technology can enhance communication and streamline operations within a kitchen environment.
* Real-time data accessibility can lead to significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.
* Tailoring solutions to the unique challenges of a specific industry can yield substantial benefits.