A Video Wall is a multi-display wall created by joining multiple screens to display a larger image. Having been designed for industrial usage, it provides vigorous performance and stunning visuals for long operational hours making it extremely appealing.


An Asymmetric Video Wall is created by joining multiple screens in creative formations to display a single image. It is a fun way to break away from the traditional rectangular or square shaped display systems, making it visually attractive and engaging.


INDOOR: It is a seamless display created using SMD technology which is ideal for ambient lighting and shorter viewing distances. Its spectacular viewing experience enriches any indoor environment.

OUTDOOR: It is a robust high brightness outdoor display which conveys information in a visually appealing manner. It is highly customizable in multiple shapes and sizes, and provides daytime visibility even under direct sunlight.

CURVED: It supports concave and convex curvature, amplifying design flexibility. It provides users with the ability to create true curved screens for use in interior design or as an immersive screen experience.


SIGNAGE PANEL: It is a robust display designed for industrial usage, with 24x7 operation capacity. Enabled with high brightness and 4K resolution, it can be installed vertically/horizontally. Its inbuilt SOC chip, makes digital signage possible without any additional hardware.

HOTEL TV: It is a smart panel having all conventional smart functions along with a unique hotel mode function, which displays a welcome video/image instead of the manufacturer's logo. Its attractive templates add to the complete hotel experience.

INTERACTIVE PANEL: Also known as Digital Smart Board of IFP, It is a next generation large format touch screen display which helps make vibrant visual presentations and control onscreen data through touch interaction. Available in various sizes, it is most suitable for Educational usage & collaborative spaces in multiple environments, such as digital classroom/ smart classroom & new age smart meeting rooms.

DIGITALKIOSK: It includes a frame design, suitable panel and integrated software. Ranging from 43" to 75" in size, it comes in both touch and non-touch modules.

STRETCH & OUTDOOR PANEL: These unique, high brightness panels having a slim and robust design can be installed horizontally/vertically. These panels act as structural art in themselves that can be seen as digital d?cor in multiple environments.


GLASS PROJECTION: It is a unique solution where we enable users convert their existing glass into an HD screen. The result is a seamless, high resolution image or video being projected on glass.

CINEMA PROJECTION: It is a customized solution where we ensure users experience a large display with life-like images. With true 4K, HDR and MotionFlow images, this solution amplifies user's movie and gaming experiences.

PROJECTION BLENDING: It is a solution where we stitch multiple projected images together to give a single output. This solution is flexible and results in one seamless image from multiple projectors.

PROJECTION 3D MAPPING: It is a solution where we turn objects, often irregular in shape, into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be buildings, small indoor objects, theatrical stages etc.

INTERACTIVE PROJECTION: It is a next generation solution used to create large interactive wall or floor surfaces. It is a fully customized solution where we integrate projectors with state-of-the-art motion sensors and software to deliver real time interactive experience.